The Field Museum is a scientific leader on a mission to explore, protect, and celebrate nature and culture. The museum is ranked as one of the five most important natural history museums on the globe. Since the Field’s founding 125 years ago, we have been building our collections and our tradition of research and exploration.


The Field cares for an ever-growing collection of scientific specimens and artifacts, approaching 40 million. Each is a unique snapshot of life on Earth—our collections include the fossilized bones of a sea creature from the Jurassic, a frog that lived in Mexico a hundred years ago, and a painted cloth made by a New Guinean artist last year. The Field Museum's collections are an invaluable and irreplaceable resource for scientists all over the world—they show us how life has changed and hint at what’s to come. 

For the past 125 years, we have built our collections and earned a place among the world’s top collections-based research institutions. As we look to the future, we see an opportunity for Field Museum scientists to address big questions and urgent challenges. By better understanding the Earth’s diversity, we are better equipped to protect it. 

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