Presenter Information

All presentations will take place at the Chicago Hilton, 720 South Michigan Ave, Chicago , IL 60605.

The time and location for your presentation was sent to you via email.  Should you need to confirm your time and location, you can do so by visiting our detailed schedule of events.

Oral Presenters

  • The normal length of an oral presentation is 12 minutes plus three minutes for questions and answers. You may use all 15 minutes to present your talk.

  • Most General Session and Symposium talks will be in one of the three Continental Ballrooms (A, B, or C) on the ground floor or in the Waldorf Room on the third floor of the Chicago Hilton.

  • You must visit the Speaker Ready Room at least 24 hours before your scheduled session to upload your presentation for your scheduled room.  We recommend this also to anyone who uploaded their presentation early. It's best to make sure images and fonts used in your presentation are embedded in your presentation to ensure a seamless talk. Highly qualified technicians will be  on-hand to offer any needed assistance..

  • Presentation slides should be saved as a PowerPoint widescreen 16:9 ratio or as a PDF.

  • You may upload your Powerpoint to your OSF page.

  • Please check that all fonts are working (try to use commonly used fonts). Check that all images are displayed correctly and that any videos are working correctly. Bring copies of all images and videos in case there are any problems.

  • Please use the following format to name your file before visiting the Speaker Ready Room:

Date of presentation_Time of presentation (please use military time)_Last Name_Symposium designation​


Example: 52919_1300_Mayer_SY01

Demo Camp

All Demo Camp presentations will be in the Waldorf Room of the Chicago Hilton.  Presentations are limited to 30 minutes.

The Chicago Hilton will be providing WiFi for all presentations.

Specimen Spotlight

  • Specimen Spotlight presentations are 5 minutes long with no time for questions.

  • All Specimen Spotlight Presentations will be in the Waldorf Room on the third floor of the Chicago Hilton.

  • There will be a title slide and an image slide. All slides will be prepared and uploaded ahead of time by the conference organizers. Your title and image slide will be prepared for you from the image and data you submitted on the conference website’s google form when you submitted your Specimen Spotlight title.

  • You may visit the Speaker Ready Room prior to your presentation to view your slide.  Changes must be done 24 hours in advance.

  • Please try to arrive to Waldorf Room at least 15 minutes prior to your presentation and sit near the front to save time between presentations.  

Poster Presenters

  • You will be provided with one horizontal, freestanding 36” by 48” piece of foam core board resting on an easel. You may choose to mount your poster in landscape or portrait orientation.

  • The conference venue can accept paper and fabric posters. Digital posters cannot be accepted.

  • Velcro, tape, and thumbtacks for hanging your display will be provided at no charge.

  • Posters should be on display from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm during the day of your poster presentation.



When to hang up your poster:

  • Posters for the Wednesday, May 29th session can be hung up anytime between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm on Tuesday, May 28th after the Plenary session or between 7:00 am and 8:00 am on the morning of Wednesday May 29th. 
    Please take down your Poster at 5:30 pm on Wednesday.

  • Posters for the Thursday, May 30th session can be hung up anytime between  5:30 to 6:30 pm the evening of Wednesday, May 29th or between 7:00 am and  8:00 am on the morning of Thursday, May 30th.                                                                    Please take down your poster at 5:30 pm on Thursday

We request that Poster Presenters be at their posters during the coffee breaks, lunch breaks and near the end of the sessions on your designated day to answer questions.

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